Course curriculum

  • 1

    Meet Elizabeth Anne

    • Author Bio

    • Meet Elizabeth Anne

  • 2

    What Is Financial Abuse?

    • A Few Upfront Explanations

    • What It Was Like For Me

    • How To Understand Financial Abuse

    • What Financial Abuse Looked Like In My Home

    • Now It's Your Turn

    • Identify Financial Abuse in Your History

  • 3

    What Does It Mean To Recover From Financial Abuse?

    • Financial Abuse Recovery

    • What Recovery Looks Like

    • What Financial Recovery Looks Like

    • God Starts And Sustains Your Recovery

    • What Your Recovery Can Look Like

    • It's Your Turn Again

    • Discover Evidence of God’s Healing

    • Develop Gratitude for God’s Healing Work

    • Create a Faith & Prayer Guide for Future Healing

    • The Time Has Come To Pray

  • 4

    How Do You Guard Against Future Financial Abuse? (Even From Abusing Yourself)

    • What It Means To Recover

    • Guarding Against Future Financial Abuse

    • Ways I Slowed My Own Recovery

    • It's Your Turn

    • How Are You Slowing Your Own Recovery?

    • Expressions of Gratitude and Prayer Requests To Follow Your Time of Confession

    • Then Pray Some More

  • 5

    What Does It Look Like to Live Financially Free?

    • What It Looks Like to Live Financially Free

    • Action Steps to Live Financially Free

    • How I Walk

    • It’s Your Turn . . . For The Last Time

    • How Will You Walk?

  • 6

    What's Next?

    • What Will You Do With Your Answers?

    • Resources

  • 7


    • Help Yourself To These Bonuses

    • Join The Living Financially Free Closed Facebook Group

    • Receive God's Encouragement For Your Path Ahead